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Master Brent Hess

Mikido MMA Studio
Director & Instructor
Message from Master Brent Hess:
"MiKiDo for me has of course been an art I love, more than that though, it has been a lifestyle. I think once people realize the lifestyle they TRUELY want to live, a life of health and energy and all-around confidence, they will see the real value in MiKiDo. I’m very blessed to be able to impact so many very special lives everyday, children and adults. So I see and I know. And I am a strong believer that peoples gained decision making skills and strong work ethic will carry on with them throughout their lives…So I’m happy with that. It’s an honor for me to share with my students the art of MiKiDo, something that has always impacted my life in a very positive and special way. I look forward to continue helping our community in every way that I can and spreading not only the MiKiDo name but MiKiDo philosophies for life. Much Love and Respect to my Family (Mike, Maria, Nicole Hess) and my extended MiKiDo Family, Friends, and Students."

My Instructors Sessions

Sunday, August 17

12:00pm EDT